15 Makeup Tips for Beginners That You Were Never Told

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With the massive release of makeup products and formulations on the market, you may find it difficult to choose your favorites, especially as a newbie.

In fact, we understand how daunting makeup might be for beginners who are just trying to learn the basics.

For this reason, we have taken enough time to draw out some of the best makeup tips that will make sure you look your best at all times – even as a novice in the game.

15 Makeup Tips for Beginners That You Were Never Told

Here are our top 15 makeup hacks that all beginners should know:

#1. Start With a Face Primer

15 Makeup Tips for Beginners That You Were Never Told

The importance of starting your make up with a face primer can never be overemphasized as it will help smoothen your makeup and make it last longer.

In this regard, you may decide to either go for a face primer that matches your skin type, or use BB creams, CC creams, as well as tinted moisturizers.

In addition to that, it will please you to know that the vast majority of them usually come with sunscreen to help enhance your overall beauty.

#2. Use the Perfect Foundation Shade

15 Makeup Tips for Beginners That You Were Never Told

Regardless of how often you wear your makeup. It is ideal to have foundation on hand whenever you want to appear prettier and flawless.

Fortunately enough, CoverGirl, L’Oréal, Clinique and some other beauty brands have myriads of shades that you can use, whether you are fair or dark in complexion.

Perhaps foundation seems extremely heavy for you, there are some other top alternatives you can opt for, which includes tinted moisturizer, BB and CC creams, to name but a few.

More importantly, below are some of the tips for finding the perfect foundation for you:

  • Choose a formula designed for your skin type [liquid or stick foundation is ideal for people with dry face. Powder foundation is highly recommended for those with oily skin. If you have a combination skill, it is best you opt for skin powder formula.
  • Consider the ingredients used. Our skin type differs, and there are certain ingredients your skin may be friendly or allergic to. This is why you must read the ingredients contained in any foundation you intend buying so as to get the most out of the product. Foundation made with zit-fighting salicylic acid is ideal for people with acne-prone skin. Foundation that contains serum is recommended for those with dry, flaky skin.
  • Choose a shade of foundation that best complements your undertones – There are three major types of skin’s undertone [warm, cool and neutral]and each type has certain foundation type that is more suitable for it. Warm undertone is characterized by olive veins on the wrists, Cool undertone by deep blue or purple veins, and Neutral undertone by blue-green veins.

For people with warm undertones, yellow- or- peach-based shades are ideal. Those with cool undertones look amazing in pink-based color shades while yellow shades are considered great for people who have neutral undertones.

#3. Colour Your Lips

15 Makeup Tips for Beginners That You Were Never Told

Before you apply makeup on your lips at all, make use of an old tooth brush to scrub away dead skin on your lips in a gentle manner.

After that, rub a lip balm on your lips so as to moisturize it, and then use a lip color that can help enhance your overall appearance.

Perhaps your lips are thin and uneven, you may decide to use a lip liner so as to create a shape and give it a definition.

#4. Waterproof Mascara

If you rely solely on one Mascara for makeup, be sure to go for the one with waterproof support.

By so doing, you will have nothing to fear about as you will be able to make use of it under almost any atmospheric or weather condition.

That being said, it might interest you to know that you may experience some difficulties during the course of removing your Waterproof mascara.

Therefore, it is advisable to be extremely careful whenever you want to get it off and also you can get an oil-based makeup remover so as shield you from pulling at your lashes.

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#5. Get a Set of Makeup Brushes

Relying on the little brushes that come with your blush or eye-shadow is a bad idea.

For this reason, we recommend getting yourself the right caliber of tools and makeup brushes so as to prevent some avoidable disappointments that may occur as a result of over-dependence on those few makeup brushes you’ve got before.

15 Makeup Tips for Beginners That You Were Never Told

#6. Use White Eyeliner to Make Your Eye-shadow Pop

15 Makeup Tips for Beginners That You Were Never Told

If you want to make your eye-shadow to become sheerer, less pigmented and appear extremely vibrant on your eyelid, all you need do is to blend a white eyeliner pencil over all your eyelid.

After that, apply your shadow at the top. With the opaque coverage of the white liner, your eye-shadow shade will become intensified and will also pop excellently.

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#7. Use a Spoon as a Mascara Shield

Making your eye-shadow appear perfect and swiping your mascara are among the most annoying things when it comes to makeup.

On the plus side, there are certain ways you can simplify this process. Ready for a solution? Get a spoon and hold it such that it is hugging the eyelid, and after that apply mascara as and where appropriate.

During the course of sweeping the mascara wand against your lashes and back of the spoon, you will notice that the residue will coat the back of the spoon instead of your skin.

#8. Use the Perfect Blush for Your Skin Tone

15 Makeup Tips for Beginners That You Were Never Told

You can’t do without Blush. When you put on the right shade, it will help brighten up your face and enhance your overall look, even when you are yet to get enough rest.

Finding the right formula for your skin type might be daunting at times, but in light of this, we recommend a light, mineral blush for people with oily or acne-prone skin while cream blush is ideal for those who have dry skin.

#9. Get Blotting Sheets

Unlike what most people thinks, Oil-absorbing sheets are not made for people with oily skin alone.

In fact, they are suitable for all skin types, especially when the sun is scorching and there’s a need for you to eliminate sweat and oil without tampering with your makeup.

Additionally, these sheets can be used as a stand-in for dry shampoo in cases where your scalp seems to be somewhat greasy.

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#10. Sharing Is Not Caring

It is totally unhygienic to share your makeup items, even if the person is your closest friend or relative.

The reason is because you may expose yourself to certain infections when you share these items with other people, especially your eye and lip products.

#11. Rubbing Alcohol Miracle

Are you faced with compact, blush or eye-shadow breaks? This tip is for you.

All you need do is to add some contents of rubbing alcohol and hold it in place. Be sure to allow the alcohol to evaporate for best results.

#12. Use Waterproof Products Carefully

Without any doubts, water resistant products are good for long wear and stay put.

However, it will interest you to know that excess exposure to products like this can lead to skin damages. Therefore, make sure you maintain optimum carefulness while using these products.

#13. Clean Your Brushes

When you fail to clean your brushes regularly, you are indirectly inviting serious skin breakout which may further lead to certain skin conditions overtime.

The reason is because unclean brushes often harbor bacteria which could eventually trigger some negative effects if not looked into ASAP.

To shield yourself against this, it is advisable to clean your brushes with a mild shampoo at least once every week.

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#14. Conceal Under Your Eyes with a Triangle Shape

If you intend brightening your under-eye area, you have to stop dotting on your concealer, then apply it in a triangular shape instead.

For best results, start by drawing the base of the triangle just under your lash line and the tip that points directly toward the apple of your cheek. By so doing, it will help hide redness and shadows for brighter under eyes.

15 Makeup Tips for Beginners That You Were Never Told

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#15. Add Yours

We’d like to hear from you too. Do you have any other make up tips for beginners that are not listed here? Kindly drop a comment below so others can also learn from you.



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