Natural Ways to Tighten Loose Skin after Weight Loss: 7 Proven Natural Ways

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So you’ve successfully lost some weight but you now have a loose skin and you are looking for the way out?

Worry no more, the solution is here!

In this article, you will find 7 Proven Ways to Naturally Tighten Skin after Weight Loss, so read on…

Why Skin Doesn’t Just Snap Back

While there are many reasons behind having a loose skin after weight loss, the major reason is actually a “Quick, drastic weight loss”.

When your body loses excess weight, your system then becomes shocked such that your skin’s elasticity doesn’t have enough time to adapt to your new shape.

However, your skin’s ability to contract and bounce back after losing weight depends on several factors, including the quality of your skin tone at baseline, your age, genetics, the amount of weight gained and lost, sun exposure, and lots more.

Now that you’ve known the basic reasons why you had a loose skin after weight loss, what is the natural way out?

Tighten Loose Skin after Weight Loss


Here Are 7 Proven Ways to Tighten Loose Skin Naturally After Weight Loss

1. Slow down your weight loss.

slow down your weight loss JOURNEY

As someone who intends to lose weight fast, you might be tempted to fasten the process as much as possible, whereas it has its own shortcomings.

One of the shortcomings is that your skin may take so long to be tightened again after the weight loss program.

The bitter truth is that the speed at which you lose weight has a direct impact on how well your skin will adapt to your new, smaller size.

When you slow down the speed at which you lose weight, it makes it easier for your skin to naturally adjust its elasticity levels to match the muscle tone of your new, slimmer figure.

Pro Tip: Lose weight at a moderate pace, [preferably 1 to 2 pounds a week], to avoid problems with loose skin.

2. Build more lean muscle through strength training.

ean muscle through strength training

Just like slowing down weight loss speed, building more lean muscle helps in supporting the development of your skin’s elasticity so as to blend with your changing body.

You can easily build lean muscle by reducing the amount of cardio while increasing strength training.

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3. Quit smoking.

quit smoking and tighten your loose skin

The harmful effect of Smoking is not limited to only the overall health; it affects your skin as well. One of its harmful effects on the skin is that it fastens the skin’s aging process.

It is able to do this by reducing vitamin A and moisture in the skin.

Not that alone, smoking also breaks down the elasticity of your skin thereby affecting the texture and brightness of your precious skin.

However, you stand a chance to get a more youthful skin again when you quit smoking. A study by the International Association of Ecologic Dermatology reveals that people who have been smoking for over nine years are likely to notice a significant age reduction in their skin under a period of nine months.

Want your loose skin to tighten naturally after weight loss? Quit smoking!

Natural ways to Tighten Loose Skin after Weight Loss

4. Maintain a healthy diet.

Although quitting smoking and changing up your workouts works great. But another sure fire tips to make your loose skin to be tightened naturally after weight loss is by maintaining a healthy diet.

In fact, it is very crucial! The reason being that while our body requires certain nutrients to remain healthy, our skins also craves for certain foods to be healthier.

For instance, foods high in vitamins A, C, and E are found to be helpful in improving the skin’s elasticity and tightness.

Vitamin C, in particular is the nutrient that the body uses in creating collagen, which plumps the skin and helps in giving it a firm appearance.

Citrus fruits and dark leafy greens are a typical example of foods that are very high in all of these vitamins.

Additionally, you may consider increasing your daily intake of lean protein as well because it is found to be very helpful in boosting the production of collagen, as well as restoring the elasticated protein fibers of the skin.

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5. Drink lots of water.

Drink lots of water

Our bodies are made up of 75% water, and due to this, it is imperative we stay hydrated all day. The body requires about three liters of water daily to be fully hydrated.

One of the major benefits of staying hydrated is that it will prevent your skin from getting dry and wrinkly. This will make it more supple and tightened.

Therefore, make sure you always take enough water throughout the day. This is to ensure that your loosen skin can easily tighten naturally after weight loss.

You can also make use of any moisturizer that includes vitamin E or collagen just after your shower/bath to maintain skin hydration. It will provide your skin with the necessary moisture it needs to repair and strengthen itself.

6. Eat more lean protein

Eat more lean protein to tighten your loose skin after weight loss

Just as explained earlier, eating more lean protein can help your loosen skin become tightened after weight loss.

Lean protein aids the muscle development by preventing the skin atrophy and providing it with vitality. It needs this vitality to rejuvenate and become suppler.

Therefore, increase your daily intake of lean protein, dairy, eggs, nuts, whole grain, and seeds to increase your chances of getting a healthier skin after weight loss

7. Massage the area.

massage your loose skin after weight loss

This is a very big secret that most people don’t know about massaging; when you massage your loose skin, it can increase blood flow and also help evoke an anti-aging response.

A recent study analyzed the effects of skin massage in conjunction with an anti-aging skin cream. It was discovered that massaging with a hand-operated oscillating massage tool can amplify the effectiveness of the cream on the skin.

Therefore, you may consider massaging the affected area with a good firming cream. Especially the ones that contain retinoid and you will notice an appreciable change in your loosen skin.

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7 Proven Natural Ways to Tighten Loose Skin after Weight Loss

The Bottom Line

The recommendations above can help in tightening your skin after weight loss at a faster speed, but the bitter truth is that your skin often needs a longer period of time to react to major weight loss because the process of skin regeneration is somewhat lengthy.

Therefore, be patient during this waiting period while you implement some of the suggested methods.

Remember it took time to lose the weight? Tightening muscles or sagging skin also takes time, so don’t rush!



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