Top Exercises for Losing Weight in 2 Weeks

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Exercise is very essential for overall health. It becomes more necessary and important if it is for weight loss.

There are several exercises that are very effective exercises for losing weight fast in two weeks. These exercises include:

1: Burpees:

Top Exercises for Losing Weight in 2 Weeks

This exercise is very effective in building lots of lean muscle. It also targets the core part of the body like the chest and the legs simultaneously.

This exercise can be done by standing with the feet and shoulder width apart as well as arms at the sides. You will have to push your hips back, knees bent, and lower into a squat.

The hands must be placed on the floor directly in front of you and shift the weight towards the position and jump back softly to land on the feet in the plank position.

However, you will also have to jump the feet forward so you land just outside of the hands and reach the hands up and jump explosively into the air. Immediately the body is lowered back into a squat.

Thus this exercise should be done eight to twelve times repeatedly. It brings about rapid weight lose.

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2: Squats:

Top Exercises for Losing Weight in 2 Weeks

Squat is one of most important and powerful exercises for losing weight. When these exercises are done correctly, it brings about a very rapid weight loss because it engages the core part of the body as well as the entire lower part or region of the body.

This exercise can be started with feet hip-width apart and arms either at the side or holding weight.

The weight should be kept at the heels, lowering the legs and raising the arms in the front. The back should be kept straight, lowered until the thighs are parallel to the floor.

The knees should be in line with the toes. An even pace should be maintained as you’re rising to a standing position. This exercise should be done repeatedly for about eight to twelve times.

Top Exercises for Losing Weight in 2 Weeks

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3: Mountain Climbers:

Top Exercises for Losing Weight in 2 Weeks

Mountain climbers are the most excellent exercise for losing weight fast in 2 weeks. This quick leg motion targets the most significant part of the body like obliques, butt, and the hamstrings.

Individual who want to embark in this exercise and lose weight fast in 2 weeks will loop center band around a stable post like a couch leg on the floor in a plank position facing away from the post.

Place your feet in handles like a stirrups and alternately bend the right and the left knee toward the chest not allowing the toes of bent legs to touch the floor.

Repeat this exercise for one minute and rest for twenty seconds. Perform three sets of this exercise to be effective for fast weight loss.

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4: Tabata Drill:

Top Exercises for Losing Weight in 2 Weeks

An individual who want to engage in this exercise will begin with pulling dumbbells up to the shoulders and the feet staying together.

Jack the dumbbells straight up until the arms are fully extended. At the same time, the feet should jump outward. This should be done with all effort for 20 seconds.

After 10 seconds of rest, individual must place feet shoulder-width apart with the dumbbells at the chest. These dumbbells should be jabbed across the body.

There must be switching of sides with all effort for 20 seconds. And after 10 seconds of rest, the exercise should be repeated for 8 rounds. It aids rapid weight loss in 2 weeks.

5: Jump Rope:

Top Exercises for Losing Weight in 2 Weeks

Jump rope is a total-body toner that is made for weight loss. Individual who employ this medium of exercise for weight loss should challenge themselves to complete a full minute of jumping.

To do this exercise, you should check the length of the jump rope by holding it in the hands and ensuring the handles line up with the shoulders.

Your feet must be together and your hands holding the end of the jump rope while the elbows are toward the ribs. The jump rope should be swung and hop over with the feet together.

Thus you should not jump in between but jump with each swing of the rope. Then, continue jumping for 1 minute to complete 3 sets. It is very effective for burning calories.

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6: Body-weight Exercises:

Body-weight exercises help the pumping of the heart and also activate the muscles. It burns the calories in the body and increases the muscle mass means.

Individual who want to embark on body-weight exercises should start with the arms at the side and feet together. The feet should be jump apart and raise the hands into a jumping jack.

From there, the hands should be placed on the ground. The feet should be jump out and back in. The back should be raise up into a jumping jack. Do 10 reps with complete 3 sets. 

The legs must also stand straight. The right hand must be on the hip and the left leg lifted. Bend the right knee to touch the left hand. Do 10 reps before switching sides and repeated for 3 sets.

And finally, you should get into plank position with hands on the ground and legs outstretched behind driving the knee into the opposite shoulder.

Therefore, continue switching legs for 45 seconds and repeatedly for 3 sets. If this exercise is done correctly, it can help you lose weight rapidly.

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Top Exercises for Losing Weight in 2 Weeks

7: Kettlebell Swings:

Top Exercises for Losing Weight in 2 Weeks

Kettlebells are very efficient for weight loss because it engages the entire parts of the body. It is very instrumental for burning calories.

It has a very low impact but with high intensity. To perform this exercise, you must stand with your feet slightly wider than hip-width apart. Grasp the kettlebell with both hands.

During the course of this exercise, you will slightly squat and press the hip forward as you stand and swing the kettlebell upward.

Your arms must be lowered and returned to the slight squat position for 1 rep. You should complete this exercise for 3 sets of 15 swings.

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In Conclusion:

Performing these exercises for losing weight correctly can help you lose up to 16 pounds of pure body fat in just 2 weeks.

So you’re encouraged to take part in these top exercises for losing weight if you are with excessive calories or body fat because it is very instrumental for a healthy life.

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