10 Best Yoga Exercises for Back Pain

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Our back is as important as any other part of the body. But most people take their back for granted and sometime the back itself may revolt through accumulated pain which reminds an individual that the back needs love and attention too like any other part of the body. 

If the pain that an individual experience from the back is not quite severe, medical attention may not be necessary. 

A yoga exercise may be able to help by strengthening the back and also stretching it which will help to improve the circulation of blood to the spine and the other body nerves. 

The following yoga exercises and postures will help strengthening and stretching the back.

10 Best Yoga Exercises for Back Pain

1: Seated Forward Fold:

10 Best Yoga Exercises for Back Pain

Doing a seated forward fold can help the individual to lower the back and offer great relief from stiffness and pain. 

It should be noted that an individual may do a seated forward fold in a way that will not benefit. 

But from a seated position with the legs extended forward can aid the relief of back pain because the extended legs reach for the shins, ankles, feet, bending at the hips and lengthening and strengthening the torso.

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2: Child’s Pose:

10 Best Yoga Exercises for Back Pain

Child’s pose is not only useful for relaxation but very efficient to stretch the entire back and hips. 

It can be achieved by keeping the arms forward and sit back so that the butt is resting above the heels. 

Doing a child’s pose yoga exercise, an individual is encouraged to hold and breathe deeply feeling the breathe reach all the way into the hips. 

It should be noted that the more an individual extends the breathing and the exercise in different direction, the more the individual feel relieved.

3: Locust Pose:

10 Best Yoga Exercises for Back Pain

Locust pose is the most important way to strengthen the back and the buttocks. Individual who employed this type of yoga exercise is encourage to lie on the stomach with arms beside. 

The palms will be up and the forehead flat on the floor and slowly the individual will lift the head, torso, arms, and legs away from the floor. 

As the individual do this, the thighs will be rotated slightly and the body elongate from head to toe. This exercise should be done for 30 seconds or a minute. 

After this, the individual should feel relaxed. This exercise may be repeated two to three times.

4:  Eagle Pose:

10 Best Yoga Exercises for Back Pain

Eagle pose can help to stretch and open the entire back. Anybody who wants to employ this type of yoga exercise is encouraged to slightly bend his or her knees, lift up the right leg, and reach the right thigh over the left. 

Individual will point the foot toward the floor and stop there but balance the toes on the floor or hook the right foot behind the left calf. 

For the arms, an individual is encouraged to bring the right arm under the left and the elbows must also be bent to bring the palms together. 

It should be noted that the individual will be powerfully stretched by drawing the elbows up and hands away from the face.

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5: Downward Dog:

10 Best Yoga Exercises for Back Pain

Downward dog is a very good yoga exercise because it can help to rejuvenate the entire body. 

An individual must start this exercise in a tabletop and raise the hips so that the body is upside down V position. 

You’re encouraged to relax the head and the neck and draw the inner thighs toward the back of the room spreading the shoulder blades apart. 

This will enable the upper back of the body to stretch the more while reaching the hips up and back to open up the lower back of the body.

10 Best Yoga Exercises for Back Pain

6: Cat/ Cow:

10 Best Yoga Exercises for Back Pain

This cat or cow posture or yoga exercise help to massage the spine stretching the back and the torso. 

This posture is a very great way to keep the back limber and the mood happy. An individual who is interested in this type of yoga exercise will start in tabletop position on the hands and the knees alternate between arching the back and rounding it as push down on the floor with the hands and tops of the feet.

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7:  Spinal Twist:

10 Best Yoga Exercises for Back Pain

There are many options as regarding this spinal twist exercise or postures. One of the basic and effective ones is Marichyasana C . 

An individual who go for the Marichyasana option will keep the left leg straight and bend the right leg so that the foot is flat. 

During the course of this exercise, individual will place the right hand on the floor behind for support like a tripod and twist so that the individual can hook the left elbow over the right thigh. 

If this is not too comfortable, the individual can also grab hold of the right knee and twist to look over the right shoulder. 

The other options include the individual bending the left leg under or both legs and let them fall to the side then twist in whichever way the knees are facing.

8: Plow Pose:

10 Best Yoga Exercises for Back Pain

This yoga exercise or posture starts with shoulder stand. After this shoulder stand, the individual bends the hips to bring the toes or top of the feet to the floor. 

The individual hands can remain against the back for support or clasp them together keeping the forearms on the floor. 

Individual can hold this as long as is comfortable to get a powerful stretch in the shoulders and spine. 

But if this is not too comfortable, individual can place a chair behind and rest the feet on the chair.

9: Bow Pose: 

10 Best Yoga Exercises for Back Pain

This yoga exercise or posture is a very good way to strengthen the back muscles. But anybody dealing with back injury should do this exercise with care as it can intensify the pain.

10: Triangle Pose:

10 Best Yoga Exercises for Back Pain

A triangle pose exercise can help in both stretching and strengthening the back. It can help in most cases to prevent back pain.

In Conclusion:

When it comes to back pain prevention, a life with yoga exercise is a long and pain-free life. Individual should therefore not force any exercise or posture that could cause injury.

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10 Best Yoga Exercises for Back Pain


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