Many Women Are Missing Out On the Incredible Benefits of Strength Training

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Strength Training and Its Benefits

Strength training is very crucial for a healthy living because it helps to improve posture, boost metabolism, aid better sleep, maintain weight loss and encourage good bone density.

The bone needs to stay challenged through strength training to remain active for daily activities.

Therefore, individuals who refuse to involve themselves in strength training exercises are at risk of losing bone density at a very small percentage each year after 30 years of age and the women will make up 80 percent of osteoporosis cases as they lose bone mass or density.

Though the pain of strength training can be something to worry about because it is physically challenging but it is nothing in comparison to the benefits.

Many Women Are Missing Out On the Incredible Benefits of Strength Training

Many Women Are Picking Up Strength Training

Many Women Are Missing Out On the Incredible Benefits of Strength Training

It is very salient at this point to note that more and more women are picking up weights for strength training as against every harmful misconceptions and stereotypes surrounding fitness.

For women, strength training helps to increase immune function and survival during trauma.

This training helps to raise the level of hormone that is involved in fighting off illness and disease in the body.

Anytime the body is threatened with sickness or injury, the person loses some tissues that are very efficient for the function of human organs.

But this training exercise aids the ability to endure all forms of physical trauma and improve the percentage of the lean mass that sustains the immune function of the body.

For example, an individual who is a survivor of breast cancer can have a possible long-term outcome if they perform strength training and other forms of physical activity.

Strength training however can aid women to improve their cognition and mental health. It helps the brain to work better and improve the daily mood because the exercise has some mental benefits.

It decreases brain inflammation that results to psychological disorder and dementia and improves memory in learning in women of different ages.

Some physical problems that women experience like tight muscles, arthritis, and muscular imbalance which result to pain and discomfort can be solved by strength training. Strength training can reduce pain and discomfort.

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Research Findings on Benefits of Strength Training

Many Women Are Missing Out On the Incredible Benefits of Strength Training

Research has shown that strength training has the power to change the way an individual perceive pain.

It however reduces women’s perception of pain by 43 percent and improves sleep patterns.

Regular training is very important especially during the times of stress like menopause or during the pre-menstrual phase because it improves hormone balance and lowers cortisol.

It should not be shocking to know that strength training improve heart function and decrease blood pressure. It decrease systolic blood pressure (SBP) by an average of 6.2 mmHg and enhances arterial function, decreasing inflammation that affects heart function.

Women who do regular strength training have better blood flow and reduced cardiovascular disease risk by more than 14 percent.

Thus, it is very salient here to know the incredible benefits of strength training exercise in women. It is deduced as follow:

Many Women Are Missing Out On the Incredible Benefits of Strength Training

1: Strength training helps to lose fat and build curves:

Strength training exercise helps women to burn specific amount of calories daily and this leads to weight loss as well as muscle in conjunction with body fat.

In the same vein, strength training maintains metabolic rate which sustains a good body curve as well as loss of fat at a very rapid rate owing to the fact that it increases the level of fat burning hormones.

2: Strength training aids and protects metabolic health:

High carb diets like processed food is very detrimental to human health especially the body cells and tissues become less sensitive to the hormone insulin.

This insensitivity will encourage  the fat storage to increase in the body and the energy level that the body needs will drop because the body cells and tissues is not getting the adequate nutrients or fuels it need to function.

High insulin on the other hand causes inflammation which accelerates aging and disease.

Strength training therefore is the most efficient and powerful way of restoring insulin sensitivity which aid and protect metabolic health as it helps to handle more carbs without gaining body fat and weight.

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3:   Strength training helps individual with the ability to handle stress:

Strength training for women helps to release stress fighting hormones and reset individual hypothalamic pituitary-adrenal(HPA) which aids both physical and mental strength that sustain individual’s ability to handle stress in their daily dealings.

This ability to handle stress in a positive way or dimensions has serious benefits for healthy metabolism by reducing belly fat and death risk by 30 percent.

4: Strength training helps to support healthy libido and mood in women:

Men are not the only ones to have healthy libido. Women with good strength training have an improved sex drive with a steady mood owing to the fact that they produce testosterone that benefits.

Research has shown that women produce much less testosterone than men which make it highly difficult for women to build up muscle unlike men.

When women perform compound barbell strength training, they secrete this hormone in a very small amount which helps to improve body mass, steady mood and energy, improve a healthier sex drive and libido.

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5:  Strength training helps to build muscle:

Muscle is both functional and healthy too in women. However, many women have a misconception that running yoga or spin class will build their physique.

In contrary, these activities are beneficial in their own right but the reality is that these exercises only strip and not build.

This is owing to the fact that these exercises involve squatting which entails total body movement that builds proportionate muscle across the entire body. And also the targeted areas like the arms, abs, butt and legs.

Moreover, there is a metabolic and physiological effect that a back squat has in developing the physique of individual women.

It should be noted that the muscle growth that comes with a strength training protocol has different effect on the physique because of the different fiber types that are targeted.

In summary, bodybuilding causes large muscle growth by tearing of type-I muscle fibers where weight is 40-60%.

In Conclusion:

Strength training helps women to lead a healthy lifestyle. It provides women with stronger body as a result of neuromuscular adaptation.

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Many Women Are Missing Out On the Incredible Benefits of Strength Training


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